About the Game

Arkaia: The Mysterious Island is a first-person point-and-click
adventure game, similar to games such as Myst and Riven.

You awaken, washed up on the beach of an unfamiliar island. With only a shred of foggy memory, you can tell that there are strange happenings afoot. Can you piece together the mysteries of the island by exploring the environment and solving the myriad of puzzles that stand in your way?

Arkaia will be released on PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.

There are numerous features in Arkaia that make for a compelling experience:

  • Modern graphics and sound, powered by the Unity 3D engine
  • Immersive gameplay, with a fresh perspective on classic
    point-and-click mechanics
  • Lush environment filled with interesting places and
    many details
  • Challenging puzzles that will put your abilities to the test
  • Collect items to shed light on a uniquely epic storyline and
    fully realized universe