Arkaia is now powered by Unity 5

Hi everyone, just a quick update:

Last week Unity Technologies announced the latest major upgrade to the Unity Engine, Unity 5. I’ve been hearing a lot about this in the last few months, and the official release and announcements last week convinced me that upgrading from Unity 4.6 was going to be necessary. 🙂

What does this mean for you, the [future] players? Unity 5 is packed with new features, including some huge upgrades to the graphics capabilities. This means that Arkaia is going to look absolutely fantastic, and I’m really excited about it. When I get a little more work done, I’ll release some new screenshots and you’ll get to see just how much better it’s looking already. Additionally, there is an overhauled audio system that will make it easier for me to create a truly immersive experience with Arkaia, so I’m looking forward to getting that tuned up as well.

There is still more work to be done, but I am hoping to have Arkaia Chapter 1 available in the next few months. Ideally, I’m shooting for a May release, but of course I want to make sure that it’s as good as possible, so it might take a bit of time to do that extra polish. I’ll keep you posted!

Thanks for your support everyone, talk to you soon!