Podcast #5: This Episode is Totally Rad

Progress is being made on all of our projects! Also, we learn more about sticking to a schedule and the episode is only 50 minutes this time! Huzzah!

This week, Ajari joins us again and we talk about:

  • Maybe getting some Indie Team Up swag happening?
  • The possibility of recording the show live
  • “Favourite first games” which really turned into games that had a big impression on us back in the day.
  • What we’ve been playing:
    • Shawn: Sudeki
    • Karyl: Destiny and Peggle
    • Ajari: Destiny until his PS4 controller broke 😛
    • Justin: Albion Online (alpha)
    • Colleen: Nothing because she’s working too hard 🙂

Your hosts:

Thanks for listening!